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The backbone of the museum of  Savina Monastery is mostly made by the clerical objects belonging to the Tvrdoš Monastery, among which were the objects that came to Tvrdoš from the monastery of Mileševa. To Savina they were brought by the monks led by bishop Savatije Ljubibratić 1693/4. After the destruction of Tvrdoš, they settled here and restored the monastery. Over time, clerical items were also collected, which are autochthonous, so that today's monastery museum forms a unique entity that unifies the legacies of these three famous Serbian sanctuaries.


The most important sacred object that is kept in the monastery museum is the cross of St. Sava. This is, as far as it is known, the only cross that belonged to St. Sava, which remained preserved in the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is assumed that it was transferred from Mileševa to Tvrdoš and then to Savina, although the possibility that the Saint Sava himself left it here when he visited these lands and when he sanctified the foundations of the monastery church of St. Sava which he then dedicated to his heavenly patron Saint Sava the Sanctified is not excluded.

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